lundi 22 novembre 2010

432. Why I like it

- Because it's an exercise in meditation and self-control.
- Because it's a hit or miss kind of thing.
- For the bursts of relief between needle-strokes, like a swimmer coming up for air.
- Because it's not everyday I let a guy tape saran-wrap over my back.
- Because it hurts.
- Because after you've had a few, they give you free touch-ups.
- For the needle's vibrations, shivering awakeness right down to your bones.
- Because it's ink -- the stuff of books, and writing -- into my skin.

4 commentaires:

Nine a dit…

halala.... <3

Fran a dit…

Hé ouais...

(On maîtrise le comm' en un seul mot or what? :D)

Nine a dit…

(ouaiiiiis on est trop douée :D )

Fran a dit…


(C'est Claire qui m'a appris le smiley du high five. Magique.)